Intercept® Incubator

Provide value to your members through business planning and financial modeling

  1. Start with ideation exercises with our Business Plan Canvas
  2. Move forward into the development of a Business Plan from Executive Summary to Full Business Plan
  3. Complement the Business Plan with financial data through Intercept's financial modeling tools
  4. When ready and needed, the member can list their package on the Intercept Marketplace for exposure to investors

Full Toolset

Give your members the Intercept Platform tools for building a businss plan and financial model

  • Full featureset of Intercept Startup
  • Business Plan Canvas
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Cashflow Statement
  • Income Statement
  • More

Mentoring Opportunities

Allow members to add anyone they want as a mentor to their application, which then sets the stage for meaningful conversation around the member's model.

Ready for Investment

The member can list themselves on the Intercept Exchange, where institutional investors are looking for their next big win

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Provide value to your members by giving them the tools to prepare for business

Model growth of staff, sales, inventory, and brick and mortar facilities as required

Identify potential gaps in planning and shortfalls in cash flow

Streamline the process of acquiring investment or be better prepared to apply to take on debt